Orthodontic Emergencies

Breakages can happen at any time and any place. It is very important to remember that a broken appliance/brace prolongs the treatment time. Should anything break, please schedule an emergency appointment as soon as possible.

  • Immediately call the Snö Dental Clinic after an appliance/brace has broken to enable us to attend to your problem as speedily as possible.
  • If an appointment is not available immediately, or you are in an area where orthodontic services are not available, please consult a dentist to relieve any pain that is present.
  • If no pain is present, and you are not experiencing any discomfort, attend the next available emergency appointment with your orthodontist, preferably within a week. This waiting period should not adversely influence your progress.

Holiday Tips

  • Avoid hard, sticky, crispy or crunchy foods that can cause damage to your appliances/braces.
  • Place a piece of wax on any part of your appliance that is hurting or scratching. Place a piece of wax over the loose bracket, if causing discomfort. Remember to take extra wax. Wax is an emergency remedy, until you can schedule an appointment.
  • If a wire is poking or cutting your gums, consult a nearby dentist or orthodontist to relieve pain. Use the flat end of a pencil or rear end of a matchstick, to flatten any protruding wires. If a bracket is broken and still attached to the wire, but isn’t causing pain or discomfort, just schedule an emergency appointment as soon as you return.
  • A painkiller with anti-inflammatory agents can be used to ease pain in severe cases. Use an ointment to cover mouth ulcers, caused by your appliance or rinse with salt water.

Discomfort during Orthodontic Treatment

During your treatment, the most common complaint is not one of pain, but rather of discomfort relating to lifestyle changes that are necessary. Lifestyle adjustments that can be expected are mild changes in your diet, as well as much more intensive brushing.

Discomfort experienced during your treatment should not require the use of prescription pain medication. The use of over the counter analgesics. For e.g. paracetamol should be adequate in controlling any pain experienced.