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Dec 8, 2016

Mouth guard™

To prevent excessive tooth wear, Snö offers mouth guards™. There are basically two different types of mouth guards. One is to protect teeth from damage during sport, the other is to protect teeth from damage from grinding or clenching teeth.

Some over-the-counter stores offer mouth guards (‘one-size-fits-all’ type). Our orthodontics team do not recommend using these since they can do more harm than good. This is because both types of mouth guards are precision tools that need to be tailored to your specific needs. With regards to sports and protection, you can find the ADA recommendations here: American Dental Association

A sports guard can even be designed to look great.

The second type – also called a night guard or splint – is the one that protects your teeth if you have bruxism. This is the most common reason for teeth and restorations to wear out faster. The night guard is usually worn while sleeping, but it can also be customised to treat and prevent the symptoms that many get from grinding or clenching teeth. The night guard is very effective in protecting the teeth and also helps to relax the jaw muscles and ligaments.

We have our own high-quality laboratory and certified dental technician at our main facility in Abu Dhabi. We can most often (depending on the case) fabricate a mouth guard on the same day. Thanks to our advanced digital scanners, we can even avoid the discomfort of taking tooth impressions. A two-minute scan gives us all the information we need on your teeth, in full detail and the highest resolution.

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