Our team


Quality is the foundation for all dental work at Snö. To ensure the highest levels of quality, we bring together a team that is not only professional but also deeply caring of our patients. Our doctors have a combined experience of more than a century, many of them involved in family practices, where maintaining and building trust is the key to success.

Apart from their vast knowledge and expertise, they also bring industry best practices from Scandinavia; in particular, peer-reviewing cases, quality checks on every procedure, follow ups and comprehensive documentation to ensure that our patients get the best and most transparent dental care in the UAE.

General Dentists

Our General Dentists are your first point of contact at Snö clinics. They are proficient in all areas of dental care and can treat all standard cases. Your General Dentist will conduct the comprehensive Snö™ exam, put together the best treatment plan according to your needs and address all of your questions or concerns. Because we work as a team at Snö, your General Dentist will not hesitate to refer you to one of our specialists if needed. You will receive complete information on treatments, guarantees, and cost in every case. At Snö, our General Dentists have at least 10 years of clinical experience and most have special areas of expertise like invisible orthodontics or aesthetic dentistry.


Your needs, in advanced dental care, are in the best hands of one of our Snö Specialists. The doctors are educated at top universities. They have been practicing for at least 10 years in their respective focus areas to make sure that they can handle even the most complicated cases. As part of the Snö team, our Specialists follow the same holistic and minimally invasive approach as the General Dentists. Because we actively encourage internal referrals and all major cases are discussed by the Snö dental team, you can be sure that whoever is treating you is the optimal doctor for your specific case.

Dental Hygienists

A Dental Hygienist maintains the general health of your teeth and gums. Our Snö Hygienists clean and polish your teeth, and remove calculus. They also perform whitening (bleaching) procedures. In keeping with the Snö team’s holistic and preventative approach to dentistry, our Dental Hygienists also help foresee issues that might affect dental health. We believe regular hygiene and checkups are the first lines of defence for good dental health. Therefore, our Dental Hygienists are a very important part of our team.

Digital Lab Technician

Our dental technician is the backbone of our state-of-the-art, in-house digital laboratory. In collaboration with our dentists and patients, he works with sophisticated equipment and a broad range of materials to create full and partial dentures, crowns, bridges, veneers and other orthodontic appliances that are precise and have accurate fit. His truly exceptional skills, both as a scientist and an artist, make him a valuable member of our team.