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Our concept

Our vision is to deliver the best holistic and minimally invasive dental care in the world. To achieve this, we have to be superior, gentle and trusted. This is the heart of Snö’s philosophy.

Be superior. 21st-century dentistry is an advanced science with tremendous possibilities. To excel in such an evolving field, dentists need continuous education and a large volume of practical cases. We believe that a dentist who claims to be able to perform every kind of treatment can never be excellent at any. At Snö, we work as a team to help our dentists and technicians improve and develop their skills. We have created an environment of multidisciplinary care where we all discuss cases together. As a patient, you don’t get just one dentist’s opinion, but access to the experience of a team of experts; at no extra charge. The entire process is audited and documented so you can rest assured that you are in good hands.


Be gentle. At Snö, our focus is on holistic and minimally invasive treatment to retain naturally healthy teeth. We believe that dentistry should be pain and risk-free. Being gentle also means not over treating or over charging our patients.


Be trusted. Trust is very important to us, which is why we give our patients complete transparency. We monitor everything in our clinics and ensure that all our safety controls are in place. We only use the best equipment and best practices. We believe in prophylactic treatment, treating the condition, not just the symptoms. All our processes are documented and audited. Our employees are encouraged to report problems and maintain a transparent work environment so that we can all learn from our mistakes. All our patient data is confidential and securely encrypted. Our complete price list is available on our website and we guarantee long-term satisfaction with our work.

At Snö we believe in constant change, education and communication. We only repeat procedures that have not yet been replaced by something better. We believe that a good dentist is one who is constantly learning, not repeating what they already know.

We are fully transparent and confident that our work is unparalleled. We love our work because we see how a simple smile can change the world – every day, everywhere…