Sep 2, 2021

When you visit a Snö clinic, be assured we are serious about the safety

When you visit a Snö clinic, be assured we are serious about the safety of our patients and our staff.

Snö Healthcare worked closely with the UAE Health authorities to ensure the safety of our patients and staff. Our clinics remained open to provide medical and dental services to patients with urgent concerns as we contributed to lessening the burden on public hospitals.

We held true to our values of being premium, gentle and trusted, and swiftly implemented clinic-wide initiatives that demonstrated these values in every action and interaction.

Sanitize and Sterilise

We have always maintained the highest level of cleanliness and only made a few changes, conforming to international guidelines, to further safeguard against the threat of contamination. We started screening patients, pre-appointment and upon arrival, and practise social distancing by only admitting limited patients at a time. Upon arrival, patients are encouraged to use the hand sanitizers and their temperature is checked. Posters on preventive measures are placed in common areas for patients to read. We have removed all unnecessary items from waiting rooms and work surfaces like shared magazines. We implemented stringent disinfection and sanitization procedures for all counters, doors and surfaces. While our nurses sanitize the clinics thoroughly, our support teams wipe down door handles, elevator buttons and other heavily used surfaces between patients with extra vigilance. We allow the air to ventilate in each clinic, between patients.

Go Digital

Our challenge is to stay relevant to those afraid to leave the safety of their homes. We stretched out our hands to them by offering Telemed services and the doctors’ consult through a popular local platform, Okadoc. So patients only have to dial-in and one of our doctors is able to speak to them. We encourage a cashless payment system at the clinic, too, to minimise contact.

The New Normal

With the relative easing of restrictions by the local authorities, we trust the worst Covid-19 is behind us and that we can focus on providing our standard of premium, gentle and trusted care to our patients. We are open for all services, ranging from preventative dentistry to food challenges to aesthetic surgeries. Our multi-disciplinary team follows international standards of cleanliness and hygiene and is ready to assist you.