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Jan 1, 2017

Tooth Extraction

If it is not broken, do not try to fix it. Your natural teeth are the best when they are functioning properly. We will always try our utmost to keep your natural teeth. This is part of our core values – to be gentle. However, teeth do break, get damaged or infected to a level that they cant be saved. You may need to get a tooth removed if you have an infection, decayed tooth or if your wisdom teeth are coming in. Tooth extraction (tooth removal) is a standard dental procedure and the Snö team are highly experienced in removing a tooth in the most gentle way possible.

To provide you with gentle dental care we use a 3D x-ray (cone beam) for better diagnosis, we use Nitrous Oxide for sedation and we use The Wand, a state-of-the-art digital tool for local anaesthesia so the dental extraction treatment is pain less.

There are two types of tooth extraction procedures. A simple extraction and a surgical extraction. During a simple tooth extraction, the dentist will numb the area, loosen the tooth with an instrument called an elevator, then remove it with dental forceps.

In certain complex cases, like an impacted wisdom tooth extraction,  your dentist may prescribe a surgical tooth extraction if a tooth is broken off at the gumline or has not grown fully into the mouth yet. During a surgical tooth extraction, the oral surgeon will make a small incision (cut) into your gum and remove the underlying tooth.

The Snö value of being gentle also means that every tooth being treated has the right to be pain less. After the tooth is extracted,  Implants are not the only alternatives, but the most common to replace the missing tooth.

To understand the dental extraction alternatives offered in Abu Dhabi at Snö Dental Clinics, please call 800 DENTIST. Our patient coordinators will discuss teeth removal procedures and alternatives, with costs and prognosis.

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