Why less is  often more.

No matter the clinic, trust, openness, and transparency should be at the core of the services provided. At Snö, we pride ourselves in being Superior, Gentle and Trusted,  in our approach to modern dentistry.  And, as part of our core values, we believe that sometimes, the best treatment is no treatment at all – something we are not afraid to tell our patients. When treatment is required, we will always choose to save as much of the healthy tooth and tissues as possible to ensure good long-term dental health, instead of drilling and damaging the tooth for short-term symptomatic relief.

Here, you will never be over-treated or overcharged. You will always get the dental care you need and deserve.

The wisdom to say no

Take the case of nine-year-old Sara, who had crowded teeth. After a consultation with a dentist, orthodontic braces was suggested. However, at Snö, we gave her a second, much less invasive and practically free alternative. To wait.

We were able to ascertain that with time, Sara’s natural bone growth would set her teeth, without the need for orthodontics or expensive treatments.

Sure enough, in a year, Sara’s teeth aligned themselves without the need for any treatment. With the right prophylactic care and proper brushing and flossing techniques, she will have strong, healthy teeth in the future (images above are for illustrative purposes).

Modern dentistry allows us to treat such cases in many ways, but with the proper examination, the right diagnosis and thorough documentation, it is possible to avoid expensive short-term treatments and provide long-term  health benefits.

But what about cavities?

Caries (cavities) affect many people. A usual practice is to “drill, fill and bill” as soon as caries is spotted, which could be just the beginning of a cavity. But at Snö, we know that this approach does not always yield the best results. The best tooth is one we do not have to drill.

We believe that it is better, whenever possible, to heal the caries lesion, which can be achieved through prophylaxis – simple things like improved oral hygiene, fluoride treatment and changes in diet. Unfortunately, the alternative of drilling and filling the  tooth is a common practice in the region, and around the world. But with our superior, gentle and trusted service, you can be rest assured we will not take the easy way out when it comes to your dental health. We also use a specific method for improving your diagnosis in order to drill less – an infrared camera that can spot caries without radiation.

How can I trust that this is the treatment that I need?

If you are doubtful of a treatment suggested by your dentist, do not be afraid to ask questions. They should be able to explain the treatment and how it will be done. Often, this is not the case and results in unrequired treatments that cause more damage than good, in the long run.

Take the case of this patient, whose x-ray shows a caries lesion (dark zone indicated by the arrow).

The treatment option suggested to this patient was a root filling, a post and a crown, which is common in this region. The total cost of the treatment was AED 9,800. At Snö, we were able to save the root and do a composite filling  instead. The nerve is alive inside the tooth, the treatment was much less invasive and less painful, and cost the patient only AED1,500.

All our treatments and examinations are thoroughly documented and yours to keep. You are encouraged to get a second opinion. But most importantly, you are able to audit all treatments at Snö, which gives you the guarantee that you are getting only the highest quality care that you need and deserve.