Aesthetic Dentistry at Snö starts with defining what a beautiful smile means to you. We want to ensure that you are happy and confident with your very own smile. For us, there is no beauty stereotype. We invite you for an aesthetic consultation, where we can discuss your aesthetic goals and use our advanced scanning, photography, and modelling techniques to simulate different alternatives. Based on this information and your choices we will design a smile that is perfect for you.

Proper planning and communication is the only key to aesthetic and functional success.

Your Snö dentist acts as your aesthetic consultant and will develop a plan for you to achieve a perfect smile. We will advise you on the right aesthetic treatments, their costs, and duration. As with all treatments at Snö, we will not pressure you into an expensive treatment that is unhealthy or provides little benefit. You will receive all the information to take home and consider at your leisure or to get a second opinion. Here are the most common aesthetic services we provide:

Teeth alignment
For most people, beauty means regularity and symmetry. Sometimes, people do not feel confident in their smile because of misaligned teeth. The Snö team is proud to have highly experienced aesthetic dentists who can help you decide among the many procedures and methods to treat misaligned teeth. In most cases, teeth can be aligned and straightened in a matter of weeks instead of months or years.

At Snö, we offer all the modern methods of cosmetic aligners: Invisalign™, Clear Aligners, and orthodontic braces and retainers . Of course, our orthodontic aesthetic consultants are always available to treat more complex cases.

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Once teeth are straightened and aligned, the Snö team, if needed, will remove other imperfections like discolourations, poor fillings or chipped/worn teeth. We use ceramic veneers or composite bonding to restore perfect shape and functionality to your teeth.

At Snö we have our own fully equipped dental laboratory and our own dental technicians. Dental technology today incorporates 3D techniques. Dentists are trained for this task, but to excel they must have more than 10 years of dedicated dental laboratory work. Our technicians work in our own lab, with a dedicated focus on dental technology. We can provide new ceramic material as well as veneers/inlays/onlays/crowns (milled ceramic as well as feldspathic) or large (full mouth) milled ceramic (Zirconia/cut back) constructions. All are done in-house as a team, with guidance from the dentists.

At the end, your smile will look exactly as you want your perfect smile to look. Natural, beautiful, and unmistakably your own.


Teeth whitening
Once your confident smile shines, it needs to be retained. If you love black coffee or foods with the ability to discolour your teeth like beetroots or blueberries, your pleasures might leave stains on your teeth. In addition to regular cleaning, additional work might be needed to help you keep your beautiful smile. At Snö we offer individualised, in-office power bleaching with Zoom and/or home bleaching with Opalescens. The procedure is pain-free and quick.

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We are members of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry as well as the Swedish Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.


The Snö team is happy to assist with all your questions. To inquire about aesthetic consultation in Abu Dhabi, contact Snö Dental Clinics in Abu Dhabi on 800-DENTIST.

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