Dental Cleaning & Hygiene

We usually recommend a thorough cleaning every 6-12 months with our specialised dental hygienist team  to give you a solid foundation to prevent future problems.

Cleaning is about prevention so you need less treatment in the future

The Snö hygienist will perform a short exam to assess the current state of your dental health and then carefully and gently work tooth by tooth to remove calculus (tartar) and plaque before polishing your teeth. When needed you will also receive personalised instruction on how to best take care of your teeth and mouth. A routine cleaning typically takes an hour.

Calculus are calcifications of food debris and bacteria that, if left on the teeth for too long, will give you bad breath. It can also cause inflammation in the gums, which can later lead to damage (resorption) of the bone, loosening of the tooth and larger infections. This is often referred to as periodontitis.

Some people get calculus easier than others. Your dentist will let you know how often you need to have your teeth cleaned according to your level of calculus. Periodontitis is usually a slow progressing disease. When the patient experiences symptoms, it is often more difficult to treat. With the Snö ExamTM, we can inform and help you to prevent the disease from spreading before it sets.

We usually find calculus above the gum line on a tooth – supra gingival. This makes it fairly easy to remove, usually accomplished in one visit. If you have a lot of calculus or have not been to the dentist for a long time, it might require more visits. We can also find calculus under the gum level – sub gingival. This will be detected when we do our Snö Exam with X-rays and 3D scans. X-rays will also tell us about the condition of the roots and bone.

With a probe, we gently assess the root surfaces for any irregularities and how tight the gum adheres. As a part of the Snö Exam, we very precisely measure (perio-charting) the current status of your mouth, and formulate a risk assessment in order to prevent the disease (periodontitis) from spreading.

Example of a thorough charting of a patient’s periodontal status as it is always done at Snö. The appearance may be confusing but not for the dental team. Regular charting is essential to monitor the development of a patient’s condition, both for treatment purposes and prophylaxis. Your dentist should provide you with this information if you move or switch dentists.

The most commonly used treatment to remove calculus is to scrape it off with a designated instrument. Dentists call this treatment a depuration. But today we have even better techniques to help us to do the cleaning gently and effectively.

AIR-FLOW Master Piezon


At Snö we use Guided Biofilm Therphy (PERIO-FLOW®) a powerful yet controlled jet of water, air and fine powder that not only polishes all the surfaces of a tooth, removing plaque, discoloration and soft deposits, but also reaches deep into periodontal pockets (if you have any) up to a depth of 0.5mm. It is more efficient than depuration at removing the damaging biofilm that develops when dental plaque is colonised by bacteria, and can cause periodontitis and peri-implantitis to develop. Air flow polishing is completely safe to use with dental implants, veneers, crowns and bridges.

Studies have shown that air polishing is much faster at removing stains and plaque than traditional methods. This means less time in the chair for the patient and therefore fewer interruptions. Teeth are cleaned in a much less abrasive manner than scraping and polishing, which also causes less damage to the teeth. And its much more comfortable for the patient. Sometimes we also complement this with laser treatment (included in the normal treatment), but is usually not needed. If the teeth are sensitive, we can use a local anaesthetic to make it more comfortable.

Stains and Plaque

Apart from treating and preventing periodontitis, a cleaning session with our dental hygienist also prevents the other big teeth disease: caries. They can also do bleaching.

Dental Care (prophylaxis)
Preventing cavities
Mouth guard

Dental Hygiene & Services

At Snö, we follow a holistic approach to dentistry to ensure your long-term health and beauty. We prefer to prevent dental problems over fixing them. The first step to dental health is awareness of proven dental hygiene routines and knowledge of how and when to use them. The Snö team will be happy to guide you.

Dental hygiene begins with the very first teeth in childhood and remains important throughout our lives. At Snö, we teach parents and children how to take care of kids’ teeth. We also give parents tips on how to motivate children to clean their teeth on a daily basis. Do not hesitate to consult the Snö team on any questions related to dental hygiene like the right toothbrush (electric or manual), how to protect your teeth from sports accidents or excessive tooth wear, or what and how (not) to eat to prevent caries and other dental problems.

Of course, the Snö team will also support you with direct hygiene services.

Our specialised dental hygienists will perform a thorough cleaning every 6-12 months to give you a solid foundation for your daily routine.

A Snö hygienist will also do a short exam to assess the current state of your dental health and then carefully work tooth by tooth to remove calculus and plaque before polishing your teeth. You will also receive personalised instruction on how to brush and floss your teeth. A routine cleaning typically takes an hour.

Fluoride treatment
To prevent caries, we usually recommend a fluoride treatment after each cleaning. The fluoride treatment is of special importance for our youngest patients to protect their beautiful, but slightly softer teeth.

Mouthguard/sports guard
To prevent excessive tooth wear, Snö offers mouth guards™ or sports guards™. All the appliances will be tailored to your specific needs by our own dental laboratory. The Snö team will make sure that the mouth guard™ fits your teeth and will teach you how to use it.

Let’s get started today! Visit your nearest Snö clinic for a dental care consultation.

Dental Care (prophylaxis)
Preventing cavities
Mouth guard

Dental Emergency And Care

In a dental emergency, Snö has you covered. We know that sometimes bad things happen and we are happy to help you with quick, professional and high-quality work.

We accept all kinds of emergency cases, and we assure you that a member of the Snö team of dentists will be there to take care of you.

  • We are reachable around the clock, and our dental clinic at Yas Mall is open every day of the week, 365 days a year.
  • You can visit any of our clinics for emergency treatments. Just come to the Snö clinic closest to you (Al Nahyan or Yas Mall) – no need for long drives with a toothache or injury.
  • We have your information covered. We centrally store and secure every detail of your past treatments, x-rays, scans and health records, and can access your information no matter which one of our facilities you visit.
  • Should you be traveling and need to visit another dental clinic we offer you all records and clinical information (x-rays etc) in order to help the other dentist treat you properly.
  • At Snö, we believe in pain-free dentistry, especially when you have already suffered the trauma of an emergency. We use minimally invasive sedation techniques and help you manage treatment anxiety.
  • As with all treatments, we work with the latest equipment and guidelines. We follow the trauma guidelines from the internationally renowned “Dental Trauma Evidence Based Treatment Guide”. We have 3D x-ray (cone beam) for better diagnosis, we use Nitrous Oxide for sedation and The Wand – a state of the art digital tool – for a gentler local anaesthesia.


Emergencies are not a problem for us. All you have to do is show up, and the Snö team will take care of you.

Other Dental Examinations

If and when we refer you to one of our specialists (or if you are being referred from another clinic), or you come for an emergency treatment, or a visit for a recall/follow-up, we will conduct a shorter exam. However, we do not advise any patient to begin our dental care relationship without a thorough Snö™ exam.

Visit us at Snö and get full transparency about every single one of your dental health concerns.

Snö™ exam
Other exams

Snö™ Dental Exams

The exam is the most important foundation for everything you decide regarding your health. To start a treatment without knowing your full status is like renovating a house without knowing what’s in the ground or inside the walls. To superficially paint over a water leakage in an apartment is just as bad as doing a filling or a crown without a proper exam. In the end, it could be very costly for you.

A proper exam is imperative if you want real quality care for the best price

An exam should always be documented so it can be transferred and understood by another dentist. This is a very important step for two reasons: to ensure you always get the best treatment, and to allow you to audit the treatment. At Snö, this is imperatively part of our core value of ‘Trust’, which ensures we are always fully transparent and auditable.

The comprehensive Snö™ exam includes:

  • An oral examination, where the dentist inspects your mouth visually to identify signs of caries, broken fillings, misaligned or worn teeth, gum infections, possible tumours or any other concerns you may have.
  • A full 360 degree teeth scanning that documents the status of your mouth in full colour detail along with a 3D model. This allows us to give you the correct prognoses and helps you better understand your dental health status. It is also a snapshot of your mouth that you can refer to later and see how your dental health has developed.  The scan will give you a clear picture of the before and after effects of restorative or aesthetic treatments at Snö, so you can later audit and quality control our work. The scan can also be used to see even the smallest changes in your mouth in order to prevent malfunction and wear. Sometimes we use intraoral and extraoral cameras for imaging during cosmetic consultations.We store your 3D scans, so if you have an accident, we can easily recreate what might have been broken.Dental Exam Dentures
    Scanning has replaced most of the old, uncomfortable impression materials. In two minutes we can have a 3D model of your teeth. We use market leaders 3Shape (from Denmark) and Planmeca (from Finland) scanners.
  • A standard periodontal charting will document the state of your gum tissue and identify inflammations, deep perio pockets, infections or loss of supporting bone. In case we spot issues, a full periodontal charting will be performed at no extra cost to you.
    Periodontal charting
    This is an example of a thorough charting of a patient’s periodontal status as done at Snö. Regular charting is essential to monitor the development of a patient’s condition, both for treatment purposes and prophylaxis. Your dentist will provide you with this information, and explain the details in case you decide to change dentists, or if you just want a second opinion at another clinic.
  • X-rays are very useful and often necessary to give high quality care. At Snö they are always taken on a case-by-case basis. In some cases, it is not needed, and in others, absolutely necessary. A full set of intraoral x-rays is often taken to identify caries, supporting bone, infections under the gum line and positions of impacted or wisdom teeth. We use the latest digital x-ray technology from Planmeca with minimal radiation levels. However, for patients that cannot be exposed even to very low doses of radiation, we have an alternative method to spot caries and other tooth issues (DiagnoCam, see below).
  • A panoramic x-ray will show the positions of all teeth relative to each other, non-erupted wisdom teeth and the position of jaws and roots. This will also help us identify any missing teeth or changes in the bone structure.
    Panoramic X-Ray
    At Snö we also provide low dose 3D x-ray (cone beam) from Planmeca. For some treatments like implants, this exam is included in the price. 3D x-ray is the absolute latest technique and makes diagnosis and treatment much safer.
  • Caries detection can sometimes be complemented with infrared light/camera equipment. The DiagnoCam can be used to find caries without the need for many x-rays. A laser light and a specially designed camera can see through the tooth and detect specific types of caries.
    Caries detection

The Snö team has your holistic dental health and beauty in mind. The initial exam and regular follow-ups are needed as a strong and solid foundation of our dental work. We care about your long-term dental health, which is why we include all of these procedures in our exam – all included in the price. We will ensure that every exam is carried out thoroughly and carefully. Once completed, the results are yours to keep, physically, and on your mobile device.

If you visit us for an emergency, eg tooth pain, the exam could be shorter and more focused on the current problem. After this you can decide whether you would like to continue treatments at our clinic or just have the full documentation from your visit to take to your preferred clinic or for a second opinion.

Snö™ exam
Limited exams

Dental Examinations

At Snö, we have invested in the most comprehensive dental exams available in the UAE. We believe that only with a proper exam can we serve you with the quality you expect from us. It helps us to give you the best dental care available and decide which treatments are needed, and which are not.

We advise all our patients to take our comprehensive Snö™ exam during their first visit and following yearly check-ups. The Snö™ exam consists of several parts. It will usually be performed by one of our general dentists. Every step will be performed gently and thoroughly, and will be documented in full detail. All documentation is yours to keep.

If you visit us for an emergency, eg tooth pain, the exam could be shorter and more focused on the current problem. After this you can decide whether you would like to continue treatments at our Clinic or just have the full documentation from your visit to take to your preferred clinic or for a second opinion.

Snö™ exam
Limited exams