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Dec 9, 2016

Pain-free dentistry

With modern technology, no dental treatment needs to be painful. At Snö, we aim to provide completely pain-free dentistry using proven methods and superior technology.

On the basis of our thorough Snö™ exam, your dentist will plan your treatment options to be as minimally invasi/services/sno-exam/ve as possible. We want to retain as much of your healthy teeth as possible. Your body has spent over 10 years to build each tooth, and enamel is the best tooth surface available. We will not simply drill it away in minutes without an absolute need to do so. We will minimise any disruption to your existing teeth, plan our strategy carefully and explain to you in detail what needs to be done and how.

Before any dental work starts, we will apply a local topical anaesthetic gel. We then use a computerised injection tool (The Wand/STA) so precisely that you will not even feel the needle on your gum.

We also offer treatments under nitrous oxide sedation, which helps you relax. Our American system comes from one of the biggest suppliers of nitrous oxide sedation equipment, Accutron.

Nitrous oxide (N2O) is very safe and has been used for over 100 years in medicine and dentistry with practically no major side effects. Patients can remain fully awake during treatments. N2O does not anaesthetise or numb the tooth or tissue, but calms the patient and relaxes reflexes (this is particularly helpful for patients who have a tendency to cough or gag). N2O has a quick onset (5-10 minutes) and also disappears almost immediately after treatment. Some patients experience mild nausea during or after treatment, but it disappears swiftly. The most common response is a feeling of calm, sometimes combined with a feeling of wanting to laugh (hence the name ‘laughing gas’).

Pain Free Dentistry with Kid


At Snö, we follow the Department of Health (DOH) regulations as well as American Dental Associations (ADA) guidelines regarding the use of Nitrous oxide. To find out more about N2O from ADA click here.

We use only the latest and best materials and equipment on the market. The Snö team is specially trained to handle the anxiety that people feel about visits to the dentist. We will not rush into any treatment and will always plan ahead. The Snö value of being gentle also means that every tooth being treated has the right to be pain-free.