You can do basic dentistry with old equipment but modern, cost effective, gentle and minimal invasive techniques has developed so much only during the last 5-10 years so you need to invest in the good stuff in order to give your patients the best. And we do that! The list below is for the tech interested and its not all we have but the most important investement that in many cases makes us “not you ordinary dentist”.

Our facility
First of all. We build our clinic from the very core inside out. We do not just place the equipment in an office area and start working. Or do superficial constructions in an old clinic/old building. We shape the building to address our level of quality all the way from clean water and air to being a clutter free clean and gentle space for our patients (and us).  Not only to meet the latest regulatory demands but to do it with the highest quality and best, clean design.

The air-condition are of course important for individual cooling but it can also spread bacteria. The ducting in our clinics are antibacterial and made for hospital environment, at the Hub clinic we just build in air sterilization system with UV lights within the ducts that kills airborne bacteria and viruses. We also added HEPA filter for filtration of particles in sensitive areas. This effort is very uncommon in a dental clinic.

The water in UAE is clean. But in a dental environment its common that bacteria find there way into the system.

Hopefully all dental clinics clean there dental chairs (called unit) between patients, and every day, where bacteria can grow. At Snö we take this one step further and closely monitoring and controlling the process. This is possible since our dental equipment from our supplier Planmeca provide us with a local administrative system that is connected to the equipment. Above screenshots from the software that monitors and records all cleaning cycles. No clinic in UAE has something similar today.


Change photo… Part of the machinery that cleans the water at the Hub. This is a modern non chemical cleaning system from Envirolyte (supplier to Planmeca) that makes the water even cleaner and also helps cleaning the pipes. No dental clinic in UAE does this.

Dental chairs (units)
Our dental units comes from international renowned company Planmeca (Finnish). Its not the cheapest equipment on the market but in our opinion the best (and most esthetic). You might think a dental chair is something to sit (or lay down in) and it is, but it is so much more. Almost all the complicated as well as easy things we are doing during examination and treatments are dependent on this unit. Most of the equipment are linked and managed through this unit. In the end its about that you should have as short and comfortable visit but with the highest quality as possible. And that cant be done with a cheep dental unit from China! The Planmeca unit is one of the few (the only on we ever found) that connects all equipment in order to control and service it properly as in one part explain above.

 Change phot to our own set up The Planmeca Souvereign unit

The Planmeca Souvereign unit as we have equipped it (fake team and patient:).

Intra oral X-ray (2D)
Most dental clinics has digital x-ray today. X-ray is a very important high resolution tool that today can take very low doses thanks to the digital technique and software that has been introduced the last 5 years. Even though the radiation dose is low we always try to make it as low as possible and we inform you about the average level for each picture.

Pic from our clinic PlanProX with rectangular cone…  The most common x-ray is the intraoral. The x-ray beam should reach the film that is placed in the mouth. Most dental clinics uses a round cone which is not good for the patient since the film is rectangular which means that you get unnecessary radiation in the surrounding tissues. The best way is to use a rectangular cone.

Panoramic X-ray (2D)

A panoramic is a 2 D x-ray that takes an overview that show much more than an intraoral x-ray but with a lower resolution and exactness. Most modern clinics, and we, use it for new patients to get a better overview, we also see more of the jaw joint, the jaw bone, part of the sinuses and face. We use Promax 2D S2 from Planmeca with cephalostat (to examining kids prior to orthodontic treatment)

Cone beam X-ray (3D)

The Snö Cone beam machine from Planemeca (Promax 3D Plus)

The last 5 years the Cone beam technique (CBCT) has been developed from the medical CT (computer tomography). The advantages is that it takes pictures with much higher resolution when it comes to bone and tooth structures (down to as high as 0.1 mm) compared to CT. With our advanced equipment we can also aim the beam only to the region we are interested in which makes the radiation much smaller. As a patient you should be secure and we never take a bigger picture then needed, something you always should check before the exam. This technique is use by us prior to implant treatments but also when looking for pain that is hasn’t been able to diagnose before, sometimes also to find teeth that doesn’t erupt properly on kids, when doing complex root canal treatment, to exam hurting jaw joints, after trauma and many more situations.

This technique is fantastic when needed. Why doesn’t all clinics use it? Maybe its about education. Its a new technique and you need to learn to use it properly (as an example Dr Per, our CEO, went to Planmeca for 1 weeks full time training this year to excel the new technique). Another reason could be price, one cone beam machine cost in the region of 400 000 Dirhams. When you build a bigger multidisciplinary clinic as we do its easier to bare the cost. Its also imperative if you say you want to provide the highest quality. If you e.g. should do a implant treatment it should always be done with a cone beam exam during the important planning stage.

Imaging software

Above and below. Our 3D imaging software Romexis (from Planmeca). Cone beam makes it possible to see very small details in 3D. and we can choose size (volume) of the image as well as resolution depending on case.

The size of the image to the left is usually only done when examining large cases often together with health care (ENT). But the image to the right is more common, planning an implant by virtually placing the implant before the operation makes the treatment much more predicable and safe, something we always do.

Dental laboratorie
Most dental clinics uses external laboratories for them to make crowns, bridges etcetera. At Snö we do this inhouse in order to be able to control the quality level at each step and to do the treatments much faster. Its also a big advantage that the dental technician (who is the real artist) can meet with the patient to make the best esthetic results. A modern dental laboratory have a lot of machines and we will only show some of them. As a patient you are always welcome to take a look at this high tech environment.

Milling machine
The development with milling especially new ceramic material has been enormous only the last 5 years. We have a 5 axis milling machine that can mill in Zirconia, composites…