There are a few reasons one may need a mouth guard, of course the obvious one being for sports. Sleep apnea, snoring, and teeth grinding are also treated using night guards! The main task of a mouth guard is to protect your teeth and brain from concussions, whether you are playing vigorous sports, or not.

Mouth guards are made from a material called rubber. Medical mouth guards are fit to the unique teeth alignment, every patient has their own, these types of mouthguards tend to work much better than an over-the-counter mouth guard that is available in pharmacies, protecting your dental and mental health during your sports activity.

During your appointment, your Snö Orthodontist will take an impression of your teeth, which will be used to make a comprehensive model of your mouth. Then, a dental technician will utilize the mold and exact measurements of your mouth to make a mouth guard. Because of the excellent fit, a bespoke mouth guard gives more comfort and protection than a less expensive over-the-counter one. Custom mouth guards also last for years, unlike over-the-counter mouthguards that are more prone to wear and tear and even damage within a few months.

Today’s custom-made night guards rarely stand in the way of speech and can be worn throughout the day. Of course, wearing a night guard during the day is a personal preference, many adults may choose to wear their night guard only at night. A few though do choose to wear it during the day, this may be because they have a stressful job, or they tend to clench their mouth and grind teeth when they concentrate.

Don’t forget to clean your mouth guard or night guard after each use to remove any bacteria. You can clean your guard with toothpaste and a toothbrush like you do your teeth, or you can soak it in lukewarm soapy water. Keep your guard clean by putting it in a secure case with ventilation so it can completely dry out. This will keep bacteria and fungus from forming on your mouthguard or night guard. You can also soak your guard in antimicrobial solution that your Snö Dentist prescribes.

The Snö team is happy to assist with all your questions. To inquire about mouth guards in Abu Dhabi, contact Snö Dental Clinics in Abu Dhabi on 800-DENTIST.

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