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Aug 2, 2017

Getting to know Per Rehnberg

One of the essential things to develop between a doctor and their client is trust, and what better way to develop that trust than to get to know the man underneath the white coat-Snö’s CEO, Per Rehnberg.

The man behind it all

Meet Per, at the age of 55, he has clocked thirty-two years in the dental industry under his belt. Having worked in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and UAE, his expertise has been tested and strengthened with time and practice.  Per describes himself as someone who has a positive attitude not only towards his profession but towards life as well. He also likes gets things done and strives to obtain the best results possible, and of course, being awesome while doing it.
According to him, he is not your typical dentist, and being a bit talkative, he loves to interact with his patients. Despite being in the same profession for 32 years, his passion and his dedication towards his craft remain strong and unparalleled. His philosophy: do not over treat or overcharge, has given him not only a great number of clients and success but loyalty and trust as well – which is for him, the things that truly hold value.

His passion: customer centric service, always

Passion is something not many people have, and the few that are truly lucky take the greatest care to nurture it and grow with it.
Like the blessed few, Per has found his passion in his craft and practice-serving and caring for his clients spanning the world. In the 32 years, he has been in the industry, he has continued to grow and acquire knowledge that has allowed him to gain the success he has today – and he always thirsts for more.
Central to his care is his desire to put the patient first.  He believes that listening is crucial, care is about paying heed to his patients’ thoughts and feelings, not only of their reported pain or ills.  He had pursued minimally invasive care procedures due to the concerns and fears his patients have of dental treatments and the pain they might bring – add to that the scary set of tools and intimidating equipment at the dental clinic. Per has taken great care and effort into learning new dental techniques that are science-based and less painful without sacrificing the quality of his services, in order to provide a better episode of care, in his practice and the practice of his team and clinics.

His practice: transparent and excellent

 Per believes firmly that,
“Money is like oxygen, we need it to survive but it should not be our main reason for doing our mission. You do not wake in the morning saying; let’s get some oxygen”
We all know that money plays a big role in the kind of products and services we obtain, the better the quality, the higher the cost. But with Per, you get the best of both worlds, a reasonably priced yet very high-quality dental service.
He values the human body and believes that it should be treated with respect, thus, he does not destroy tissues in order to cut corners and performs his practice of minimally invasive treatments.
With dental work, he uses a prophylactic mindset, which means using the best method for treatment, even if that means no treatment is done.
Usually, clients are scared to ask about the procedures and equipment involved in treatment, but Per promotes transparency and believes that the patient deserves all the information, with an explanation provided as to what procedures will take place and documented.
If a client, for example, is unsure of whether or not they need or want the treatment, Per advises that dentists should patiently tell them why it’s needed or necessary and gives them the freedom to take that information and documentation somewhere else, to seek a second opinion.
He also discusses all alternatives along with risks, prognosis, guarantees, and prices for various treatments. Giving the patient options allows them to feel more secure and comfortable with the treatment and the dental teams at Snö.
Documentation according to Per is essential. It allows you to audit the treatments and procedures, which not only gives the client more security but also helps the team, (and you as a reader, included) with more experience and knowledge.

His battles: dealing with difficult people

We all have at least one person in our lives that sticks to what they “know” and what works, and swear by it. You know those types that say, “this is the way we’ve always done it” or “in my 20 years of experience” (when it’s actually 20 years of repetition) and so on? Tough crowd, agree?
Though change is not impossible. Per would always good-naturedly say “Yes, a rooster can be taught to climb a tree, but it’s much easier to use a squirrel,” and wish that the difficult types of people he encounter in his profession would embrace the way the world has developed in many good ways and in dental care in particular.

His candor: The good, the bad, and the ordinary

When he’s not trying to save the world one tooth at a time, this CEO enjoys kite surfing, triathlon training at Yas racing track (he finished 6 Ironman competitions), and a nice dinner with his family and friends punctuated with stimulating conversations.
His hobby kite surfing started with a vacation to Hawaii and the rest as they say is history. Aside from kite surfing, he is also quite athletic and enjoys long swim-run races where there is usually a couple of hours spent swimming and terrain running in and out of the water that is done with a partner.
Per is a believer in hard work and perseverance as well as keeping calm and composed even in situations that would trigger anger in most people.  These traits always allowed him to manage the bad.
He also believes that one should have a positive attitude and an open mind in order to use their energy and create positive things for others.

His goal: build the best dental care in the world

Because of a great need for good, transparent, modern dental clinics in UAE, the concept to build a dental clinic that champions high-quality care had him at the first meeting and made the whole process of coming to the UAE to change the game of dentistry short. With his years in the Nordic countries as a dentist and CEO building dental chains, he had never seen a project with such a long time investment perspective and vision, thus, his decision to move to Abu Dhabi.
But aside from the great opportunities the country has to offer, the beautiful beaches, sports opportunities, excellent food, the mix of cultures, and the young enthusiastic population are also the things Per loves about the country.

His brand: #NotYourTypicalDentist

Unlike traditional dentists who stick to the norm and usual practice, Per believes in continuously improving oneself and the knowledge, skills, and talents one has. Being “not typical” for us means to always, with control, improve more than others. He believes that being #NotYourTypicalDentist does not necessarily equate to being extraordinary in every way possible, but to do everything, even the little things extraordinarily well. Be on time, be prepared, have a positive attitude, go the extra mile, and always, always be kind.

His plan: what’s next?

He plans to continue his advocacy and the brand-if possible forever! Since it is the only road to success, changing and improving with the times, other companies are most likely to copy their methods and practice. However, Per plans on being transparent and in sharing the know-hows of their methods with his dental colleagues and collectively change the game.