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Dec 1, 2016

Dental Examinations

At Snö, we have invested in the most comprehensive dental exams available in the UAE. We believe that only with a proper exam can we serve you with the quality you expect from us. It helps us to give you the best dental care available and decide which treatments are needed, and which are not.

We advise all our patients to take our comprehensive Snö™ exam during their first visit and following yearly check-ups. The Snö™ exam consists of several parts. It will usually be performed by one of our general dentists. Every step will be performed gently and thoroughly, and will be documented in full detail. All documentation is yours to keep.

If you visit us for an emergency, eg tooth pain, the exam could be shorter and more focused on the current problem. After this you can decide whether you would like to continue treatments at our Clinic or just have the full documentation from your visit to take to your preferred clinic or for a second opinion.

Snö™ exam
Limited exams