Rana Abu Rashed

Dr Rana, our Pediatric Dentist Specialist, uses kindness, gentleness, and sometimes magic, to dispel any fears lurking in her patients, as she understands that visiting the dentist can be scary and uncomfortable for children, and sometimes, their parents, too.

She graduated with a Bachelor of Dentistry from the University of Jordan in 2007 and after working for two years, decided to pursue a Master’s degree in Pediatric Dentistry from King’s College London as she enjoys working with children.  She completed her MSc and a Postgraduate Certificate in Advanced Clinical Dentistry from King’s College London, with honours. Then achieved a TriCollegiate Membership in Pediatric Dentistry from the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, Royal College of Surgeons of England and the Royal College of Surgeons of Glasgow.

Her aim is to build rapport with children, to earn their trust, acquire their cooperation,and to instill in the child’s mind a positive attitude about visiting the dentist. Her clinic is a source of magic and fairy power.

Dr Rana grew up in Abu Dhabi and calls the capital her home. She enjoys the cinema and is an avid traveler. She has visited most of Europe with Disneyland Paris being a highlight.

She is fluent in English and Arabic.

Dr Rana has a Pediatric Dentistry membership in the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh.

Eirini Mela

Dr Eirini Mela is a Consultant Periodontist with more than 10 years of experience in Periodontology and Implant Surgery. A Diplomate of the American Board of Periodontology since 2009, she joins the Snö Dental team in Abu Dhabi with a focus on “Periodontal Medicine” which highlights the effect oral health has on systemic disorders.

She is passionate about raising awareness that healthy teeth and mouth lead to healthy bodies and good wellbeing. Her goal is to help the community of Abu Dhabi reach optimum oral health practices and educate the public about the connection of periodontal disease with systemic diseases like diabetes and cardiovascular disease and conditions like preterm and low birth weight infants.

Dr Eirini has owned and worked at a private periodontal and implant surgery practice in her home city of Athens, since 2010. Apart from corrective periodontal surgery, her expertise includes computerized implant surgery, bone and tissue grafts around teeth and implants, guided bone regeneration and extractions with bone preservation. During this period, she occupied the position of Clinical Assistant, teaching post-grad and undergrad dental students, at the Department of Periodontology, University of Athens Dental School.

Her commitment to the community saw her volunteer at the 2004 Olympic Games held at Athens and that experience affected her deeply.

She went on to achieve an M.Sc. from the University of Maryland Baltimore College of Dental Surgery, the world’s first dental college, and later became a Research Associate at the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research (NIH-NIDCR), in Bethesda MD, USA.

In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends and cooking traditional Greek recipes.

Dr Eirini is fluent in English, Greek and French.

Nancy Barbar

Dr Nancy has your child’s best oral health in mind. She enjoys building trusting relationships with her patients. It warms her heart when a child smiles after every treatment and is excited to come back to see her.

Dr Nancy has around 10 years of experience practicing dentistry in Lebanon and in the UAE. She graduated with a Diploma in Dental Surgery from Universite Libanaise, followed by a Diploma in Higher Specialized Studies in Oral Biology earned in 2010. Her love of working with children led her to pursue two more years of specialty training in Pediatric Dentistry. Upon completing her residency, Dr Nancy established her own dental practice, in Jounieh, Lebanon.  Dr Nancy believes that establishing good dental habits at a young age is the best prevention for any oral problems and will set the stage for a lifetime of healthy smiles. She is excited to be joining the expert team at Snö Dental Clinics.

In her free time, Dr Nancy enjoys painting and dancing Salsa. She’s an adventure junkie who has done skydiving and has been to the new RAK Zip Line, too.  To unwind, she practices yoga and loves going to the beach on her bicycle to catch Abu Dhabi’s breathtaking sunset.

Dr Nancy is fluent is English, Arabic, French and speaks basic Spanish.


Mattia Baffone

Dr Mattia is a true citizen of the world, bringing a rich portfolio of international education and work experience to the Snö team. He completed his  primary dental education (DDS) “cum laude” in Bologna, Italy. Dr Mattia received his specialist education to oral surgeon in Milan, Italy, but did not stop there. He went on to become a specialist in implantology in Sao Paulo, Brazil. In addition, Dr Mattia completed numerous post-graduate courses in Italy, Brazil and the NYU College of dentistry in New York, US. Not surprisingly, Dr Mattia is fluent in Italian, English and Spanish.

After working as a dentist, dental consultant and dental teacher in his family’s clinics in Italy and the “Medical Age” dental centre in the republic of San Marino. The Snö team is very excited to have Dr Mattia on board to cover difficult surgical cases and implants.

In his spare time, Dr Mattia likes the outdoors. If it is skiing in the Italian or Swiss Alps or time on the beach, Dr Mattia enjoys being active with friends while surrounded by beautiful nature. To relax, he likes to spend time on his boat. But for now, he has set sail to the waters of Abu Dhabi.

Dr Mattia is fluent in English, Italian, Spanish, and speaks basic German and Portuguese.

Roelien Stapelberg

Dr Roelien has dentistry in her genes. Her father is a very prominent orthodontist in South Africa and her grandfather also practised as a general dentist and lectured at Pretoria’s dental school. As a child, she was exposed to braces, crooked teeth and the happy smiles of patients who finished their treatments. “A smile says a thousand words and opens doors you never knew were shut. It starts friendships, careers and romantic relationships, the first thing in meeting any person is your hello and your smile.”

Dr Roelien completed her education and training in South Africa, Scotland, Sweden and Dubai. Dr Roelien holds a Master’s degree in Orthodontics from Malmö University, Sweden and European University College, Dubai. She owns her own clinic in South Africa and has years of professional experience in the UAE. Dr Roelien perfectly complements the Snö team, allowing us to solve even the most difficult orthodontic cases.

When she is not at the clinic, she is publishing and lecturing on orthodontics, in the UAE and abroad. This helps not just the Snö team, but wider dental community in Abu Dhabi and the UAE to reach the highest standards of orthodontic work. Her guilty pleasure is her love for baking, particularly cakes and pastries.

Dr Roelien is fluent in English and Afrikaans.

Nasser Fouda, PhD

Dr Nasser always wanted to be an auto mechanic engineer. After starting his education in dentistry in Sweden more than three decades ago, he realised that dentistry is very much like engineering. He believes that our jaws work like complex automobiles, with every component working in unison. And just like cars, our teeth also need regular maintenance and check-ups to keep them healthy and working smoothly.

Being the first Egyptian national ever to graduate with a Masters and a PhD from Karolinska Institute in Sweden, Dr Nasser has many landmark achievements under his belt, and brings a vast trove of knowledge and experience to the Snö team. His expertise is in the field of periodontology, where he pioneered advances such as laser gum treatment in the UAE back in the early 2000s, saving countless patients from painful gum surgeries and restoring healthy gums without losing gum tissue.

He strongly believes that nothing can replace your natural teeth, which is why he always strives to preserve natural teeth as much as possible. “Less is more with dentistry, and the fewer treatments we perform on your teeth, the better for you and us.”

Dr Nasser is fluent in English, Arabic, Swedish and speaks basic French.