Aristeidis Troulis

Born and raised in the beautiful capital city of Athens, Dr Aris owes his passion for beautiful smiles to his home country Greece, where he studied and practiced dentistry.

With over 10 years of experience in Greece, Saudi Arabia and the U.A.E., Dr Aris has extensive experience in full mouth rehabilitation to simple restorations. His dental treatments include removable or fixed prostheses supported by teeth or implants, as well as ceramic veneers used for smile makeovers and aesthetic restorative dentistry such as fillings and inlays/onlays.

He is passionate about enabling a change in appearance, while improving the quality of oral health, which positively affects every aspect of his patients’ life.

A multi-lingual who speaks Greek, English, German and French, when he is not working on people’s smiles you can find him unwinding by the seaside, which reminds him of home.

Ali Saleh

Dr Ali Saleh is an accomplished endodontist hailing from Stockholm, Sweden. He holds a distinguished academic background, having graduated from the prestigious Royal Medical Institute of Sweden, also known as Karolinska Institute. He earned his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree with a concurrent Master of Science qualification. His professional journey commenced as a general dentist at the National Dental Service in Sweden. Dr Saleh’s commitment to the field of endodontics led him to The Royal Medical Institute in Stockholm, where he not only imparted his knowledge to undergraduate students in the Endodontic department but also conducted research on endodontic treatment complications. This research culminated in the attainment of a Master of Medical Science degree, with a specialization in Odontology. Subsequently, he embarked on a rigorous three-year postgraduate education at the renowned Institute for Postgraduate Dental Education in Jönköping, Sweden. This dedication resulted in his achieving a specialist degree in the dental discipline of Endodontics.

Rana Abu Rashed

Dr Rana, our Paediatric Dentist Specialist, graduated with a Bachelor of Dentistry from the University of Jordan in 2007 and after working for two years, decided to pursue a Master’s degree in Paediatric Dentistry from King’s College London as she enjoys working with children.  She completed her MSc and a Postgraduate Certificate in Advanced Clinical Dentistry from King’s College London, with honours. Then achieved a TriCollegiate Membership in Paediatric Dentistry from the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, Royal College of Surgeons of England and the Royal College of Surgeons of Glasgow.

She uses kindness, gentleness, and sometimes magic, to dispel any fears lurking in her patients, as she understands that visiting the dentist can be scary and uncomfortable for children, and sometimes, their parents, too. Her aim is to build rapport with children, to earn their trust, acquire their cooperation,and to instill in the child’s mind a positive attitude about visiting the dentist. Her clinic is a source of magic and fairy power.Dr Rana grew up in Abu Dhabi and calls the capital her home. She enjoys the cinema and is an avid traveler. She has visited most of Europe with Disneyland Paris being a highlight.

Dana Bader

Dr. Dana is passionate about Orthodontics and helps patients of all the ages to achieve their optimal healthy smiles. She appreciates the significant effect well-aligned teeth can have on personality development in children and the increased self-esteem that goes with it.  She works with her patients to address their points of concern to create healthy, beautiful smiles. A believer that the key to good oral health is in prevention, she often tells her patients ‘an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure’, and encourages them to be diligent with brushing and flossing twice a day.  Dr. Dana grew up in Saudi Arabia, where she completed her Bachelor’s degree in 2007 and worked as a General Dentist for over 5 years in government and private dental facilities. In 2013, she relocated with her husband to the UAE, where she completed a 3-year Master’s degree in Orthodontics, and got the opportunity to train with a unique team of orthodontists from Sweden, in affiliation with Malmo University.

Eirini Mela

Dr Eirini Mela is a Consultant Periodontist with 15 years of experience in Periodontology and Implant Surgery. She is a passionate healthcare professional who is dedicated in providing the best care for her patients. Dr Eirini completed her dental surgery degree at the Dental School of National and Kapodistrian University of Athens in 2005 and then went on to achieve a Periodontics Certificate and MSc from the University of Maryland Baltimore Dental School, USA, the world’s first Dental College. During her studies, she became a Research Associate at the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research (NIH-NIDCR), in Bethesda MD, USA.

Dr Mela is Diplomats of the American Board of Periodontology since 2009, a title that few people hold worldwide and in the UAE, demonstrating her commitment to provide high quality, evidence based care to her patients.

Nancy Barbar

With over 15 years of experience, Dr Nancy has solved diverse paediatric dentistry cases, ranging from simple to complicated, and has focused on instilling good oral health habits that will last a lifetime.

Her patients love visiting her because of her gentle approach, as she has helped many children overcome their dental anxiety and fears, by building trusting relationships with them.

Dr Nancy is well versed with behaviour management techniques that help children reduce their anxiety and offer them both a positive experience and efficient dental treatment.

She is skilled in treating all children including people of determination under inhalation sedation with nitrous oxide and under general anaesthesia, when needed.

Roelien Stapelberg

Dr Roelien Stapelberg is a Board Certified Specialist Orthodontist with more than 10 years of experience in the treatment of children and adults with varying levels of malocclusion.She has dentistry in her genes with her father being a very prominent orthodontist in South Africa and her grandfather also having practised as a general dentist and lectured at Pretoria’s dental school.  As a child, she was exposed to braces, crooked teeth and the happy smiles of patients who finished their treatments. “A smile says a thousand words and opens doors you never knew were shut. It starts friendships, careers and romantic relationships, the first thing in meeting any person is your hello and your smile.” This early exposure to the art of Orthodontics has driven Dr Roelien to specifically excel in creating beautiful functional smiles for adults in order for them to be go through life with limited maintenance required, and also aiding children with developing malocclusion to correct early to give them the freedom to live their life worry free until they are ready for comprehensive treatment in puberty.