Meric Prause

With over 30 years of experience focusing on aesthetic dentistry and prosthodontics, Dr Meric has transformed smiles and lives of thousands of his patients in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Turkey, and most recently, in the UAE. Outside of this, Dr Meric has a specialized knowledge of the jaw and the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) and can prescribe the best course of treatment for patients suffering from TMJ disorders.

An internationally published author on TMJ, he is at the forefront of developments in his area of expertise. His specialty, transparent and personalized approach, combined with great listening skills attract both national and international patients.



Jennifer Hoy

Dr Jennifer Hoy has over 15 years of experience in ‘family dentistry’, having worked in leading clinics in the UK and in several GCC countries. Her decade-long work experience in the GCC includes countries like Qatar, Oman and the UAE, and involves all aspects of general dentistry, including pediatrics.

Prior to moving to this part of the world, Dr Jenny (as she prefers to be called), worked at the Imperial College- Dental Surgery, in London, for over seven years. Her tenure in London exposed her to people of various cultures and backgrounds and she thrived in that melting pot of nationalities. Having dual nationality herself, being half English and half Greek, Dr Jenny enjoyed conversing with her patients and getting to know more about their native traditions and history.

Dr Jenny marvels at how her patient mix, here in Abu Dhabi, is similar to her London practice as Abu Dhabi, too, has a significant expat population hailing from different parts of the world. A friendly dentist, she loves to talk to her patients and helps them open up, removing any fear or hesitance they may have towards dentists. Once a patient gets comfortable with her, they bring their whole family and often Dr Jenny sees everyone from the grandparents to the parents to the children! She believes that the entire family is responsible for the collective oral health as parents and grandparents are role models for children. She teaches them to be conscious of their dietary habits and reminds them to brush and floss every day.

Dr Jenny graduated with a Bachelor of Dental Surgery, from the University of Newcastle upon Tyne, Dental Sciences School in 2004.  She continued to practice dentistry, in Newcastle, for the next three years. While working she pursued a Diploma certificate in Dental Implantology from the University of Warwick, UK.

An accomplished violinist and pianist, when not working, she relaxes with her music. She, also, enjoys the outdoors and travelling.

Dr Jenny speaks fluent English and Greek.

Nikita Ruparell

Dr Nikita Ruparell’s superpower is her ability to calm and soothe the most anxious patients. Her gentle approach can put any patient at ease and can dispel any lurking fears they may have of visiting the dentist. Her ability to do so stems from her experience working in the busy NHS (National Health Service) clinics across the UK, where she provided dental treatment to high need patients of all ages.

Dr Nikita graduated as a Dentist in 2014 in the UK, after previously having obtained a degree in Biomedical Sciences. She then joined the NHS and practised all aspects of general dentistry, from carrying out clinical case-based presentations to planning the emergency dental treatments required in complex to moderate cases.

Alongside her clinical work she has passed her MJDF Part 1 examination from the Royal College of Surgeons (UK) and has completed the Aspire Dental Academy Advanced Aesthetic and Restorative course.

She worked in mixed dental practices, both private and NHS, across London before moving to Abu Dhabi in 2018. She enjoys all aspects of general dentistry due to the variety and continuous learning the career brings on a daily basis.

Dr Nikita attaches a lot of importance to preventive dentistry, ensuring people all of all ages are aware that regular checkups and daily care help ensure natural dentition is maintained for as long as possible.  During her stint in London, she was a preventive educator to young children (aged 5 – 10) providing oral hygiene and diet advice, while highlighting the importance and benefits of being aware of one’s oral health from a young age.

She volunteered to work in parts of rural India, too, carrying out dental education, emergency dental care and minimally invasive dentistry.

Outside of dentistry, she practices daily yoga, travels regularly and enjoys spending time with family and friends.

She is fluent in English, Gujarati and, basic Spanish.

Dana Bader

As a little girl, Dr. Dana loved helping people and making them feel better, only to receive their smiles in return! As she grew, her interest grew and she went on to specialize in the field of orthodontics, which she says is the ‘science of smiles’.

Dr. Dana practices general dentistry with a specialization in Orthodontics so that she can help patients of all ages achieve their optimal healthy smiles. She appreciates the significant effect well-aligned teeth can have on personality development and the increased self-esteem that goes with it.  She works with her patients to address their points of concern to create healthy, beautiful smiles.

A believer that the key to good oral health is in prevention, she often tells her patients ‘an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure’, and encourages them to be diligent with brushing and flossing twice a day.

Dr. Dana grew up in Saudi Arabia, where she completed her Bachelor’s degree in 2007 and worked as a General Dentist for over 5 years in government and private dental facilities.

In 2013, she relocated with her husband to the UAE, where she completed a 3-year Master’s degree in Orthodontics, where she trained with a unique team of orthodontists from Sweden, in affiliation with Malmo University.

Dr. Dana spends her free time playing and roughhousing with her energetic sons.

Laura Jones

Dr Laura Jones attributes her intensive dental learning to the time she spent working in different fields of dentistry ranging from periodontics, endodontics, orthodontics to pediatric dentistry and oral surgery, while with the NHS.

Her work at the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) exposed her to the intricacies of various dental specialities and she uses the learnings to provide patients with a more holistic approach to their dental health and treatment.

Her experience in the UK includes community work with special needs patients and people from various nationalities and cultures.

Dr Laura graduated with Bachelors in Dentistry from the University of Liverpool in 2009, after completing a BSc in Pharmacology, with Honours, in 2004.

She went on to achieve the Diploma of Membership of the Faculty of Dental Surgery (MFDS) of The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, in 2011, which is a long-established, internationally recognized, quality assured assessment of one’s dental qualifications.

After nearly 8 years of work experience in various parts of the NHS-UK, she moved to the UAE in 2016 and completed a 2-year course in Restorative & Aesthetic Dentistry with the British Academy of Restorative Dentistry in Dubai.

With over 3 years of work experience in the UAE, she appreciates that patients here are more motivated and committed to improving their oral health and she enjoys being their enabler.

To unwind, Dr Laura and husband head to the desert over the weekends with their toddler and Saluki rescue dog.

She is fluent in English.

Lynn Hunt

Dr Lynn Hunt has over 8 years of experience treating adults and children in different parts of the world, including the UK, Australia, South Africa, and Singapore, which gives her a truly global perspective on the understanding of cultural dental habits. Her mission is to provide comprehensive dental care to all patients while maintaining transparent doctor-patient communication.

Dr Lynn specializes in Restorative Care – which includes repairing missing parts of the tooth structure. The goal of restorative care is to restore and maintain one’s natural smile and prevent future oral health issues.   A certified Invisalign™ and Cfast practitioner, she applies the least invasive technology to help patients achieve their best, healthiest smile.

Dr Lynn Hunt graduated in 2011, obtaining her Bachelor of Dental Surgery from the University of Dundee, Scotland. During her elective study years, Dr Lynn practised in clinics and dental schools in Scotland,  Australia, and Singapore, which prepared her to handle various dental situations and treatments.

During her time in the UK, she worked at an anxiety clinic that honed her knack for being a people’s person and helped patients who suffer from dental anxiety have a stress-free visit. In Australia, she completed a forensic dentistry course, which proved to be an enlightening and interesting experience. While in Singapore and later in Cape Town, South Africa, she interacted with patients from a diverse range of cultures and dental habits, giving her a truly global perspective on the understanding of cultural dental habits. This global experience stands her in good stead at Snö Dental where she interacts with patients from diverse cultures and communities.

When she is not at the clinic, Dr Lynn spends her time golfing with her husband and enjoys the sunny Abu Dhabi weather. She stays fit through yoga and various gym classes.

Dr Lynn is fluent in English.

Mohamad Iskandarani

Dr. Mohamad is an award-winning dentist who holds over 20 years of experience from Sweden, the UK, and the UAE. He has been practicing in Abu Dhabi for the last 12 year and his major fields of clinical interests include root canal treatments, restorative and aesthetic dentistry including crowns, bridges, veneers, lumineers and implant prosthetics.

Dr Mohamad’s passion for biology and chemistry with practical science and its implementation led him to pursue dentistry as it is a medical science that heavily relies on both the law of physics and the artistic touch.

“People say the word DENTIST stands for Doctor + Engineer + Artist = D + EN + TIST, which would describe who I really am”, says Dr. Mohamad.

Dr. Mohammed shares the same ethos of prevention over treatment. Growing up and studying in Sweden has made him a staunch believer in minimally invasive dentistry based on science and years of collaboration between dentist and patient, to maintain the highest standard of oral health. He says, “I have always considered my patients to be family. This helps me embrace an empathetic and honest approach, based on knowledge and experience. As dentists and patients, we always work together to achieve the desired success in the final treatment outcome”.

A keen sportsman, Dr. Mohamad is an avid martial arts practitioner, holding black belts in both Taekwondo and Karate.

Dr Mohamad is fluent in Swedish, Arabic, and English.

Tórunn Dalsgarð

Dr Tórunn finds great joy in improving the lives of her patients and connecting with them on a personal level. She is passionate about preventive and minimally invasive dentistry. She firmly believes that healthy smiles can be achieved with patient education and doing as little invasion as possible.

A staunch believer in ‘complete dentistry’, she treats the oral cavity as a whole. She says ‘teeth cannot be treated like a patchwork blanket’. Oral health is paramount. A patient interested in aesthetic must maintain excellent oral health to ensure the success of the aesthetic treatment.

Dr. Tórunn brings to Snö a wealth of experience having practiced dentistry for over 20 years, mostly in Denmark. She is a well-regarded leader in Snö, since she started two years ago, with exemplary leadership skills. Her drive to ensure the team at Snö work together to maintain the highest standards of quality and trust, makes her an ideal fit for Snö’s next stage of growth.  Her cheerful demeanor and optimistic personality immediately puts patients at ease in her care and ensures a pleasant dental experience.

Dr Tórunn graduated from the University of Copenhagen – School of Dentistry. She ran a successful dental practice in the centre of Copenhagen while teaching dental students at the School of Dentistry, Copenhagen University. She obtained her M. Sc. in Aesthetic and Restorative Dentistry with distinction from the University of Manchester in England. Her practice involves all aspects in general dentistry, with emphasis on minimally invasive restorative dentistry and its impact on occlusion and the temporomandibular joint. She continues to stay abreast with the latest advancements in dentistry and is currently halfway through a postgraduate study provided by the Dawson Academy, UK.

Outside of the clinic, she enjoys spending time with family and friends and staying active in a variety of outdoor pursuits like hiking, tennis and waterskiing.

Dr Tórunn is fluent in English, Danish, Faroese and speaks basic Arabic.