Michaela Green

Michaela started her career as a Dental Hygienist in South Africa where she worked alongside one of South Africa’s prominent orthodontists. Working closely with the orthodontics team allowed her to incorporate orthodontic considerations and understand the pivotal role dental hygiene plays in the success and outcomes of orthodontic treatment.

Her role as the dental hygienist in orthodontics, as it is a key and important one! From education to assessment, to supportive therapies during orthodontic treatment and maintaining oral health, Michaela has a unique and frequent opportunity to impact her patients’ oral health while they undergo orthodontic treatment.

Often told she has ‘soft hands’, Michaela is very gentle as she helps patients maintain good oral hygiene by thoroughly cleaning their teeth. She scales, polishes, and offers whitening or bleaching solutions for patients, as needed. She enjoys working with patients of all ages and backgrounds, and ensures they have, not only, an enjoyable session, but, an educational session, too.

She is a typical ‘Saffa’ who loves to chat and laugh with her patients and they, in turn, enjoy the easy-going, cheerful atmosphere in her clinic.

Michaela grew up in the Northern Cape of South Africa along the coastline and graduated with a Bachelor of Oral Hygiene, from the University of Pretoria, in 2015. She then went on to work in a private clinic and volunteer in community service projects. During this period, she worked closely with special needs and handicapped children.

When she is not working, she enjoys cooking and baking while listening to good music.

Michaela speaks fluent English and Afrikaans.

Nicole Nedelec

Nicole Nedelec has over 25 years of experience in the healthcare industry – a passion that started when she was a teenager. Over her long career, she has worked at nursing homes, hospitals and dental clinics. “I love being around people and I have always found myself drawn to jobs where I get to care for people.” In 2015, after her education and years of work experience in the United Kingdom, Nicole ventured from the cold of Northern England to the heat of the UAE. She worked at prominent dental practices before joining the team at Snö.

Nicole started as a healthcare assistant in 1991. She qualified as a dental nurse, hygienist and therapist in the early 2000s. “Educating people about dentistry is very important to me. It is not about giving them a prognosis or diagnosis, but explaining to them what it all means. Patients often know the how and not the why. Understanding the importance of good dental practices ensures that they follow all the right steps to achieving good dental health.”

While she is used to providing the highest quality dental care using the latest technologies, she has also experienced dentistry in a much more basic form in 2010, when she volunteered to provide dental care and education to people in Uganda. She mastered the logistics of setting up, dismantling and transporting a mobile clinic from one village to the other on a daily basis, and also performing extractions and educational workshops. Nicole describes the experience as “rewarding as much as it was challenging”. Her level of flexibility, patience and adaptability makes her a valuable asset to the Snö team.

When she gets any time off, Nicole is on a plane heading to a country that she and her husband have not been to. She has been to at least 30 different countries and wants to go to many more. She is also an avid photographer, with one of her pictures getting published in the National Geographic Traveller magazine.

Nicole is fluent in English.