Tharusha Naidoo

Tharusha hails from the sunny and spicy city of Durban, South Africa. With a zest for life greeted by a friendly smile, she embarked on an ambitious trajectory in qualifying as a dental hygienist from the University of Witwatersrand, South Africa. Residing in the city of gold- Johannesburg, Tharusha excelled at her job at reputable practices for the last six years, leaving all her patients with lasting impressions.

During her years of studying, she was afforded the opportunity to be part of several outreach programmes. As a student dental hygienist, she was exposed to delivering primary health care in turn allowing her to grow into her career. She then progressed and joined the well-known Choonara Orthodontics team in Johannesburg which enabled her to provide superior oral health care to many patients she crossed paths with.

Her bubbly personality and her professional desire to make a difference across the world, “one smile at a time,” has brought her to the sunny shores of Abu Dhabi. Through her humility, trusted work ethic and commitment to making a difference through one’s smile, Tharusha looks forward to bringing her skills to the Snö team and patients. She strives to give her patients healthier smiles through impeccable treatments and dental advice that will lead to a positive change in their daily habits and overall oral health. 

Tharusha enjoys social engagements, family time and a healthy lifestyle when off duty. 


She is fluent in English and speaks basic Afrikaans.

Baraa Saleh

Baraa is committed to helping patients understand the importance of good oral hygiene. She is gentle yet thorough while cleaning their teeth but, also, takes the time to educate people about dentistry. Understanding not only how, but why, one must care for their gums and teeth, ensures they follow all the right steps to achieving good dental health.

Baraa graduated from the Royal Medical University in Stockholm, Sweden in 2015, with a Bachelor of Medical Sciences degree. She went on to achieve her Master’s degree in Odontological Prophylaxis where she researched dental phobia and dental anxiety.

She possesses a calming and gentle demeanour that is especially suited towards children and adult patients who have dental phobia or anxiety. In 2018, she studied pedagogics and attended a Children’s Rights training program with the United Nations Convention, which further increased her knowledge of treating anxious children.

While working in national and private healthcare entities in Sweden, Baraa focused a lot of her clinical work on tobacco prevention and cessation and has actively helped patients quit smoking habits to gain better oral health. She has been invited to multiple peer lectures to share her knowledge and case studies on tobacco cessation.

Baraa provides a range of dental treatments ranging from teeth cleaning to identifying and treating gum disease to teeth whitening and tobacco cessation.

Baraa is fluent in English, Arabic and Swedish, which is appreciated by her patients as they can reach out to her in their own language.

Michaela Green

Michaela started her career as a Dental Hygienist in South Africa where she worked alongside one of South Africa’s prominent orthodontists. Working closely with the orthodontics team allowed her to incorporate orthodontic considerations and understand the pivotal role dental hygiene plays in the success and outcomes of orthodontic treatment.

Her role as the dental hygienist in orthodontics, as it is a key and important one! From education to assessment, to supportive therapies during orthodontic treatment and maintaining oral health, Michaela has a unique and frequent opportunity to impact her patients’ oral health while they undergo orthodontic treatment.

Often told she has ‘soft hands’, Michaela is very gentle as she helps patients maintain good oral hygiene by thoroughly cleaning their teeth. She scales, polishes, and offers whitening or bleaching solutions for patients, as needed. She enjoys working with patients of all ages and backgrounds, and ensures they have, not only, an enjoyable session, but, an educational session, too.

She is a typical ‘Saffa’ who loves to chat and laugh with her patients and they, in turn, enjoy the easy-going, cheerful atmosphere in her clinic.

Michaela grew up in the Northern Cape of South Africa along the coastline and graduated with a Bachelor of Oral Hygiene, from the University of Pretoria, in 2015. She then went on to work in a private clinic and volunteer in community service projects. During this period, she worked closely with special needs and handicapped children.

When she is not working, she enjoys cooking and baking while listening to good music.

Michaela speaks fluent English and Afrikaans.