Sherry Poole

Dental Hygienist (USA)

Your partner in oral health.

I believe that education is key to good oral hygiene.”

Sherry Poole has over 20 years of experience as a dental hygienist. Throughout her career, she has been helping patients maintain good oral hygiene by not only thoroughly and effectively cleaning their teeth, but also educating them on correct oral hygiene practises. “I believe that education is key to good oral hygiene, which is why I take particular care in showing patients how to floss and properly brush their teeth, and how plaque affects their teeth and gums.”

Sherry started her career as a dental hygienist in Austin, Texas, after graduating from Lamar University in Texas. She also has extensive experience with clinical skills in soft tissue management and patient education.

Sherry has called the UAE her home for the past three years and has also worked in Oman and Singapore. Her gentle and thorough approach to dental hygiene has made her one of the best in her field, and she is proud to bring her expertise to the Snö team. Her high standards, professional and educational growth and depth of knowledge on patient care makes her a valuable addition to the Snö team.

Every Friday, Sherry hops into her Jeep Wrangler and heads out to the desert for a bit of dune bashing and desert driving.

Sherry is fluent in English.

Speciality Practices

Sherry’s primary focus is on periodontal health and treating gum disease (periodontitis). Over the course of her 21-year career, she has honed her gentle and thorough approach to become a renowned dental hygienist. “I can confidently say that my patients leave happy, and bring their families for check-ups. The fact that patients get instant gratification from seeing their teeth clean makes this job worthwhile.”

Apart from being gentle and thorough, Sherry also takes time to explain to her patients how to maintain good oral hygiene. She educates them on how to brush and floss their teeth properly to prevent periodontitis (gum disease) and other diseases. She is also trained in non-surgical and minimally invasive periodontal treatment, and has several international certifications.