Dr. Roula Sinno

Pediatric Dentist, Lebanon

Making dentistry fun and stress-free.

As dentists for ‘little people’, we take baby steps to introduce the child to dental treatment in a fearless environment, remembering that prevention is better than cure.

Dr Roula has over 17 years of experience helping children grow healthy smiles, in Lebanon and the UAE. Her calm and friendly demeanour makes children comfortable in her presence and helps build trusting relationships. She believes that the enjoyable visits the children have when they visit her create a positive attitude and motivates the children to improve their oral hygiene at home.

Having grown up in Lebanon, Dr Roula graduated with a Masters’s degree in Pediatric Dentistry from the Beirut Arab University in Beirut. Her pediatric dental training included management and treatment of special needs patients, conscious sedation, pediatric dental rehabilitation, hospital dentistry with children under general anaesthesia, and interceptive orthodontics.

Dr Roula is devoted to helping children overcome their dental anxiety and fear by providing a warm, friendly atmosphere for their dental care and using various techniques ranging from distraction to inhalation and sedation. Her practice philosophy includes taking the extra time to get to know each one of her patients and making each experience a fun and positive one.

She believes that pediatric dentistry is all about taking baby steps in introducing the child to dental treatment in a fearless environment remembering that “prevention is better than cure”. One of the aims of pediatric dentistry is maintaining oral health by doing simple procedures rather than complicated treatment plans to ensure the health of the natural teeth.

In her free time, Dr Roula enjoys cooking for herself and her close ones. She tries to make time for a regular swim and enjoys a good book occasionally. Her favourite way to unwind is to watch medical or historical dramas like Grey’s Anatomy, The Crown, etc.

Dr Roula is fluent in English, French and Arabic.