Dr. Nikita Ruparell

DDS, General Dentist, UK

Gentle and calming, dental care.

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Empathy is required to understand the patient and their dental needs in order to provide the best care for them.

Dr Nikita Ruparell’s superpower is her ability to calm and soothe the most anxious patients. Her gentle approach can put any patient at ease and can dispel any lurking fears they may have of visiting the dentist. Her ability to do so stems from her experience working in the busy NHS (National Health Service) clinics across the UK, where she provided dental treatment to high need patients of all ages.

Dr Nikita graduated as a Dentist in 2014 in the UK, after previously having obtained a degree in Biomedical Sciences. She then joined the NHS and practised all aspects of general dentistry, from carrying out clinical case-based presentations to planning the emergency dental treatments required in complex to moderate cases.

Alongside her clinical work she has passed her MJDF Part 1 examination from the Royal College of Surgeons (UK) and has completed the Aspire Dental Academy Advanced Aesthetic and Restorative course.

She worked in mixed dental practices, both private and NHS, across London before moving to Abu Dhabi in 2018. She enjoys all aspects of general dentistry due to the variety and continuous learning the career brings on a daily basis.

Dr Nikita attaches a lot of importance to preventive dentistry, ensuring people all of all ages are aware that regular checkups and daily care help ensure natural dentition is maintained for as long as possible.  During her stint in London, she was a preventive educator to young children (aged 5 – 10) providing oral hygiene and diet advice, while highlighting the importance and benefits of being aware of one’s oral health from a young age.

She volunteered to work in parts of rural India, too, carrying out dental education, emergency dental care and minimally invasive dentistry.

Outside of dentistry, she practices daily yoga, travels regularly and enjoys spending time with family and friends.

She is fluent in English, Gujarati and, basic Spanish.

Speciality Practices

Given her interpersonal skills and calm demeanor, treating nervous and anxious patients is an aspect in which she particularly thrives. She has gained experience in this by working on patients from a variety of diverse backgrounds and ages, from those in parts of rural India to those in private clinics in London.  She has been able to build on this area of expertise during her time in Abu Dhabi.

Dr Nikita is a member of the General Dental Council, British Dental Association & Aspire Dental Academy in the UK.

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