Nasser Fouda, PhD

Specialist, Periodontist, Sweden

Making UAE smile for 25 years.

Less is more with dentistry, and the fewer treatments we perform on your teeth, the better for you and us.”

Dr Nasser always wanted to be an auto mechanic engineer. After starting his education in dentistry in Sweden more than three decades ago, he realised that dentistry is very much like engineering. He believes that our jaws work like complex automobiles, with every component working in unison. And just like cars, our teeth also need regular maintenance and check-ups to keep them healthy and working smoothly. 

Being the first Egyptian national ever to graduate with a Masters and a PhD from Karolinska Institute in Sweden, Dr Nasser has many landmark achievements under his belt, and brings a vast trove of knowledge and experience to the Snö team. His expertise is in the field of periodontology, where he pioneered advances such as laser gum treatment in the UAE back in the early 2000s, saving countless patients from painful gum surgeries and restoring healthy gums without losing gum tissue. 

He strongly believes that nothing can replace your natural teeth, which is why he always strives to preserve natural teeth as much as possible. “Less is more with dentistry, and the fewer treatments we perform on your teeth, the better for you and us.” 

Dr Nasser is fluent in English, Arabic, Swedish and speaks basic French.

Speciality Practices

Dr Nasser has more than 35 years of experience in the fields of oral pathology and periodontology. He pioneered the use of laser treatment for gum diseases in the UAE, saving countless patients from costly and painful surgeries. As an expert in gum disease, he is a strong proponent of the patient’s responsibility to maintain healthy teeth and gums by practising good oral hygiene. According to him, there are microscopic and macroscopic reasons for dental problems. Most people tend to focus on the macroscopic – like flossing or brushing to remove food debris – when most issues are caused by microscopic reasons, like bacterial biofilm (dental plaque). 

Dr Nasser was also instrumental in introducing technologies like the Halimeter (to detect halitosis, or bad breath) and laser teeth whitening to the UAE. His minimally invasive and gentle approach to dentistry follows the Snö concept.

“The truth is that a large percent of dentists are just tooth mechanics. They drill, grind, fill and make implants and crowns. But each tooth is like an organ, with its own cells, nerves, blood circulation connections and immunity. They need to be treated with care, like a doctor treats an organ. This is my approach and philosophy.”

Dr Nasser is a Swedish citizen, a member of the Swedish Dental Association, the Egyptian Dental Association and the American Academy of Periodontology (AAP)