Dr. Nancy Barbar

Pediatric Dentist, Lebanon

Your kids' next 'BFF'.

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Prevention is better than treatment. The key to a healthier life starts with good oral hygiene and a healthy diet at a young age.

Dr Nancy has your child’s best oral health in mind. She enjoys building trusting relationships with her patients. It warms her heart when a child smiles after every treatment and is excited to come back to see her.

Dr Nancy has around 10 years of experience practicing dentistry in Lebanon and in the UAE. She graduated with a Diploma in Dental Surgery from Universite Libanaise, followed by a Diploma in Higher Specialized Studies in Oral Biology earned in 2010. Her love of working with children led her to pursue two more years of specialty training in Pediatric Dentistry. Upon completing her residency, Dr Nancy established her own dental practice, in Jounieh, Lebanon.  Dr Nancy believes that establishing good dental habits at a young age is the best prevention for any oral problems and will set the stage for a lifetime of healthy smiles. She is excited to be joining the expert team at Snö Dental Clinics.

In her free time, Dr Nancy enjoys painting and dancing Salsa. She’s an adventure junkie who has done skydiving and has been to the new RAK Zip Line, too.  To unwind, she practices yoga and loves going to the beach on her bicycle to catch Abu Dhabi’s breathtaking sunset.

Dr Nancy is fluent is English, Arabic, French and speaks basic Spanish.


Speciality Practices

As a pediatric dentist, Dr Nancy keeps herself abreast with the developments in the field of pediatric industry to provide the best dental care possible for your child.

Dr Nancy is well-versed with behavior management techniques to reduce patient fear and achieve efficient dental treatment. She is skilled in treating children under general anesthesia and inhalation sedation with nitrous oxide. She works with special needs children, too and her calming demeanor always brings them back. Dr Nancy takes pride in helping each of her patients improve their oral health and loves the trusting relationships she builds with her patients and their families.