Dr. Rana Abu Rashed

Specialist Pediatric Dentist, Jordan

Adding magic to kids’ dentistry.

rana aburashed - dental clinics, abu dhabi

A dentist has the power to change the negative perception and stigma surrounding a dental visit to a positive and pleasant experience, for children and their parents.

Dr Rana, our Pediatric Dentist Specialist, uses kindness, gentleness, and sometimes magic, to dispel any fears lurking in her patients, as she understands that visiting the dentist can be scary and uncomfortable for children, and sometimes, their parents, too.

She graduated with a Bachelor of Dentistry from the University of Jordan in 2007 and after working for two years, decided to pursue a Master’s degree in Pediatric Dentistry from King’s College London as she enjoys working with children.  She completed her MSc and a Postgraduate Certificate in Advanced Clinical Dentistry from King’s College London, with honours. Then achieved a TriCollegiate Membership in Pediatric Dentistry from the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, Royal College of Surgeons of England and the Royal College of Surgeons of Glasgow.

Her aim is to build rapport with children, to earn their trust, acquire their cooperation,and to instill in the child’s mind a positive attitude about visiting the dentist. Her clinic is a source of magic and fairy power.

Dr Rana grew up in Abu Dhabi and calls the capital her home. She enjoys the cinema and is an avid traveler. She has visited most of Europe with Disneyland Paris being a highlight.

She is fluent in English and Arabic.

Dr Rana has a Pediatric Dentistry membership in the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh.

Speciality Practices

With over 10 years of experience dealing with patients of all ages, Dr Rana aims to banish any fear people have of the dentist. She works hard to change the negative perception and stigma surrounding a dental visit to a positive and pleasant experience.

During a pediatric dental visit, she maintains continuous communication with the child (and parents). Her approach is to examine and treat children in ways that make them comfortable.

Educating the parents about the importance of good oral habits and preventative measures like tooth brushing with fluoridated toothpaste, and diet recommendations, fluoride application and regular check-ups every 3- 6 months, is fundamental in her practice.

As a pediatric dentist she provides comprehensive dental care including the managing of dental trauma , children with special needs and anxious children.Dr Rana uses various tactics to make them relax. This involves ‘behaviour management’ like Tell-Show-Do, and the use of positive reinforcement, to the use of nitrous oxide inhalation sedation, aka ‘happy or laughing gas’.

She dispels myths around ‘baby teeth’ by highlighting the impact that decayed teeth can have on the quality of a child’s life in general and encourages parents to be more vigilant about baby teeth to ensure the overall wellbeing of the child.