Baraa Saleh

Dental Hygienist, Sweden

Dedicated to healthy smiles.

Educating people about dentistry is very important to me. It is not about giving them a prognosis or diagnosis, but explaining to them what it all means. Patients often know the how and not the why.

Baraa is committed to helping patients understand the importance of good oral hygiene. She is gentle yet thorough while cleaning their teeth but, also, takes the time to educate people about dentistry. Understanding not only how, but why, one must care for their gums and teeth, ensures they follow all the right steps to achieving good dental health.

Baraa graduated from the Royal Medical University in Stockholm, Sweden in 2015, with a Bachelor of Medical Sciences degree. She went on to achieve her Master’s degree in Odontological Prophylaxis where she researched dental phobia and dental anxiety.

She possesses a calming and gentle demeanour that is especially suited towards children and adult patients who have dental phobia or anxiety. In 2018, she studied pedagogics and attended a Children’s Rights training program with the United Nations Convention, which further increased her knowledge of treating anxious children.

While working in national and private healthcare entities in Sweden, Baraa focused a lot of her clinical work on tobacco prevention and cessation and has actively helped patients quit smoking habits to gain better oral health. She has been invited to multiple peer lectures to share her knowledge and case studies on tobacco cessation.

Baraa provides a range of dental treatments ranging from teeth cleaning to identifying and treating gum disease to teeth whitening and tobacco cessation.

Baraa is fluent in English, Arabic and Swedish, which is appreciated by her patients as they can reach out to her in their own language.