Dr. Ali Saleh

Specialist Endodontist, Sweden

Join us as we welcome, Dr. Ali Saleh, Specialist Endodontist, our newest addition to the Snö Dental team of experts! 

Dr. Ali is a Specialist Endodontist from Stockholm, and he completed his Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) with a Master of Sciences (MSc) from the highly regarded Karolinska Institutet in Sweden in 2013, and went on to achieve the Specialist Degree in Endodontics in 2020, after years of working and honing his dental skills.

With nearly a decade of experience working in various capacities as a dentist, dental consultant and as a clinical lecturer in Sweden, Dr. Ali has now joined the Snö team in Abu Dhabi where he can perform all endodontic procedures, restorations, extractions, TMJ, minor surgical procedures like incision and drainage of abscess, and surgical exposure of un-erupted teeth in addition to emergency consultations.

Dr. Ali will be at our Al Raha branch and will be available for patients from Sundays to Thursdays. To book, please call 800 DENTIST (800 3368478 ) for appointments.

Speciality Practices

Dr Ali’s speciality lies in his ability to perform all kinds of endodontic treatments such as complicated RCTs, Re-RCT, removal of post and fractured instruments, apexification, apical surgery, etc.

Removal of Instrument Fracture