Ceramic Braces

Ceramic braces are normal braces and use the same method to straighten teeth, but instead of metal colours they are ceramic, white or sometimes durable plastic. Ceramic braces tend to be slightly more expensive than the generic braces that have been around for years.

When you choose to go with ceramic braces, the application process is no different to metal braces. Each tooth is fitted with fixed ceramic brackets that are joined by an archwire. The wire is held in place on each bracket by small elastic bands called ligatures. Checkups are required every 6-10 weeks during orthodontic treatment. Your Snö Dental Orthodontist will monitor the progress of your treatment and modify the wire to keep your teeth progressing in the appropriate direction throughout these visits. The average treatment time is roughly 18 months, but this varies depending on the degree of correction required.

Ceramic braces provide discreet treatment for severe malocclusion that clear aligners may not be able to deliver, or simply because the patient chose a more discreet treatment for a variety of reasons. Ceramic braces are developed to be just as robust as metal braces, despite the fact that metal braces employ a harder material. You may choose to make them even more inconspicuous by using silver wires and clear bands!

When you have ceramic braces, your care instructions are essentially the same as when you have regular braces. This includes how to clean your braces as well as foods to avoid until your braces are removed. One significant difference is that foods and beverages that have the potential to stain the ceramic materials, such as coffee and red wine, should definitely be avoided.

Many patients may choose to opt for both the metal and ceramic braces. This may be because of financial reasons or from a doctor’s recommendation. If you have a deep bite, your orthodontist may decide not to use ceramic braces because the ceramic material is tougher than teeth, your upper teeth can then chip if they come into contact with brackets in the lower jaw. This is not an issue with metal brackets.

To weigh in on the pros and cons, here’s a list:

  • Less obvious: Compared to standard metal braces, the ceramic materials used for these braces are either transparent or tooth coloured, making them less visible.
  • They’re more efficient than clear aligners: While transparent aligners are a terrific alternative to metal braces, they take a little longer to straighten your teeth than ceramic braces, which typically take 18 to 36 months. Clear aligners may not be able to adequately align your teeth in some severe orthodontic instances, such as misalignment or malocclusion.
  • Metal braces are only available in a single colour: grey. Ceramic braces, on the other hand, come in a range of colours and different shades of white, allowing you to express yourself or ‘hide’ your ceramic braces to the shade of your teeth.
  • They don’t interfere with imaging test signals: Metal braces can occasionally disturb imaging test signals, but ceramic braces don’t have this issue because they cause far less interference.

Some of the cons are:

  • They’re more costly: Ceramic braces are generally more expensive than metal braces.
  • They may cause gum sensitivity: Because ceramic braces are larger than metal braces, cleaning around the brackets might be more difficult, resulting in swelling or receding gums.
  • Ceramic braces are slightly less durable than metal braces, which means that repairs and damages are required more than they would be for metal braces. They’re twice as likely to break off or fracture as metal braces. Debonding, or the process of removing the adhesive, if performed wrong may lead to enamel damage.
  • Ceramic brackets are slower to straighten than metal brackets because of their fragility. The many repairs required to maintain ceramic brackets might cause the straightening process to be delayed.
  • The elastic ties that hold the wire into the brackets discolour easily and will remain stained until they are replaced at your next appointment.

The Snö team is happy to assist with all your questions. To inquire about ceramic braces in Abu Dhabi, contact Snö Dental Clinics in Abu Dhabi on 800-DENTIST.



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