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Dental Bridge Treatment

If teeth are missing, there are different options for restoration and teeth replacement. Your Snö dentist will consult you on what the best options, are as well as all the alternatives.

Implants are the most common solution today to replace gaps, but in some cases, a dental bridge treatment is an alternative.

In order for the bridge to be successful, the neighbouring teeth must be strong as they would need to be filed down (prepared) to allow the bridge to fit. If they are loose or extensively filled/repaired, the long-term prognosis is dubious. At the same time, if the neighbouring teeth are untouched, it would be a shame to file them down. If a patient is missing more teeth in a row, it can also be difficult to make an adequate dental bridge as the span is simply too long.

Before implants were available, the only alternative was to have a removable partial denture made. Dentures take some getting used to as many complain it is loose in the mouth, covers the taste buds, makes chewing difficult and doesn’t look good.

Schematic of an example that involves replacing a gap with a three-unit bridge in the back of the mouth. The two supporting teeth need to be prepared to fit the custom-made bridge. If the supporting teeth are strong and healthy but have had restorations, a bridge might be the best alternative as we do not have to file down the teeth as much.


Using strong enamel-like ceramic materials we can most often (depending on the case) fabricate a dental bridge during the same day or the next. Thanks to our advanced digital scanners, there is no discomfort while we make dental impressions. A two-minute scan gives us all the information we need, in full detail and the highest resolution.  The bridge is cemented to the teeth – aesthetic, durable and strong.

The quality and lifespan of the dental bridge treatment depends on the technique and time spent on the treatment.

A dental bridge treatment can look and feel good, but can still have quality concerns. At Snö, we always document everything during the dental bridge treatment in order to ensure our high-quality standard. This applies to veneers too. The veneer treatment also carries a two-year warranty. If you follow our protection plan you can get up to five years of warranty.

To learn more about dental bridge treatment in Abu Dhabi, contact Snö Dental Clinics in Abu Dhabi on 800-DENTIST.

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  • What is a dental bridge?

    A dental bridge is a dental device that replaces one, two, or three missing teeth with one, two, or three false teeth. Dental crowns are used to link the bridge to the adjoining teeth to keep it in place. Because a healthy mouth contains a complete set of teeth, anyone missing even one tooth should seek out a tooth replacement alternative as soon as possible.

  • Will I be put to sleep for a dental bridge procedure?

    No, your dentist will use a local anesthetic to numb the region where the operation is being performed on for preparation. You may experience minor pain and sensitivity when the numbing agent wears off, but an over-the-counter pain reliever may be all you need to feel better.

  • How long does a dental bridge hold for?

    Bridges can last up to 15 years for dental patients who follow a good oral hygiene program.

  • What are the different types of dental bridges?

    Traditional fixed bridges, resin-bonded bridges, and cantilever bridges are the three types of dental bridges available. The sort of dental bridge used will be determined by the patient’s needs.

  • What is a partial dental bridge?

    Artificial teeth are affixed to a small, gum-colored, or pink plastic base in a partial dental bridge or removable partial denture (RPD). To keep the portion in place, a metal frameworks or other flexible materials might be used. If you still have some natural teeth in your upper or lower jaw, RPDs can be a good tooth replacement choice.

  • Are dental bridges removable?

    Traditional fixed bridges are cemented in your mouth permanently. However, if you choose a removable partial dental bridge, you can take it out at any time. Many patients remove their bridges while sleeping or for cleaning.

  • If anything happens with my dental bridge, can it be replaced?

    In a nutshell, yes, a dental bridge can be replaced. If your bridge has considerable chipping, breaking, or has totally fallen out, your dentist may recommend that you get a new one. A replacement bridge, on the other hand, is unlikely to last as long as the original. Dental implants are often recommended as a considerably better tooth replacement alternative if you want a more permanent solution that will last longer.

  • How much does a dental bridge cost?

    Dental bridges vary in price. To replace a single tooth, most patients pay between AED xx and AED xx per bridge. An all-porcelain bridge will cost more than a metal or porcelain-fused bridge.