Your first visit

There are three types of 'first visits': An emergency visit, a check-up visit or consultation, a referral from another clinic for treatment.


Whether you are one of our existing patients or a new patient, emergencies are dealt with immediately. During an emergency visit, we focus on your immediate problem and help you, usually without doing a comprehensive exam. If you would like to become a patient at Snö after an emergency visit, we will set you up for a comprehensive Snö™ exam in order for you to better plan what kind of dental security and status you would like going forward. If you already have another preferred dental clinics or dentist, we give you all your information, X-rays, clinical notes, scans, etc, to take along with you.

First exam

At Snö, we believe that your first exam or first consultation is very important. This is where we get to know you, your prior experiences with health care services and your needs going forward. The Snö™ exam is the most comprehensive exam in the industry for dental. It helps us determine the condition of your teeth and mouth. Proper assessment enables us to prescribe the right treatments. We will only recommend necessary treatments, because we believe that sometimes, less is more.

The Snö™ exam is painless, quick and thorough.

The results are yours to keep, accessible anytime, anywhere via our app. You can also use them at another clinic, preferred dentist or specialist. We like to be informative and transparent, so feel free to ask all the questions you have!


We believe that every treatment should be offered at the highest quality.

Sometimes, a medical practitioner or a dentist will suggest a treatment that must be performed by someone with that particular expertise. If you are referred to one of our specialists in the field of Periodontology, Orthodontology or Dental Implantology, your dentist will send us clinical information about your condition.

We will offer you an appointment with the appropriate specialist who will discuss your suggested treatment and even provide possible alternatives, a risk assessment, prognoses and prices. We will document all the information about your chosen treatment.

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